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Funding for Sports Facilities


Our focus is to scientifically groom future champions from a formative stage of their careers

“The role of sports science and technology played a crucial role in my performance and Olympic Journey. I traveled to the best facilities in the world to benefit and help improve my performance. I always wanted to see these facilities and technology available in India and that’s where the idea of opening a High-performance Training center was born. I have 3 centers currently operational (Chandigarh, Delhi, and Bangalore). The Bangalore center is an ABFT initiative and is located in Padukone Dravid Centre for Sports Excellence. The center is equipped with some revolutionary equipment which combines assessment with training giving athletes real-time feedback while they go through their training. I am confident that such a facility will enable our athletes to prepare better for world events.” – Abhinav Bindra

Abhinav Bindra Targeting Performance centers have been set up throughout the country with a mission to enable Indian athletes of all age groups monitor their progress in terms of training, peak performance, rehabilitation and injury prevention on best facilities and system of machines which are at par with the rest of the world. The road to greater glory at multi-sports world events such as Olympics, World Championships, Asian Games, Commonwealth Games etc. begins here. By laying a strong foundation for our athletes at the grass root level we ensure their development from a very formative stage of their career something which is of the essence in today’s global sports environment.


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